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grass house in a field of flowers

Drought Conditions And Rebates Encourage Installation Of Artificial Turf In CA

One way to do your part is to install artificial turf in your yard. Outdoor landscaping accounts for about 60 - 70 percent of water use in Southern California. This is a significant drain on the water supply!

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Outdoor kitchen with paving stone walkway installed by System Pavers in Arizona

Drought-Resistant Landscaping & Hardscapes for Arizona Homes

Drought-Resistant Landscaping & Hardscapes for Arizona Homes

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Kids and puppy on turf lawn

Outdoor Remodeling for a Greener Future

Transform your outdoors with eco-friendly renovations that add beauty and lasting value. Make every choice count towards a sustainable future while enjoying a yard that’s beautifully functional and Mother Nature approved.

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dog on turf yard

Keep Your Lawn Green And Pristine With Artificial Turf

Whether it's a summer-time drought or the bleakness of winter, it can seem impossible to have a lush, green, well-manicured lawn all year long. Continuous grooming, endless watering, ongoing maintenance and uncooperative weather can make the perfect lawn seem as likely as rain is in a desert.

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composite decking stairs

6 Ways To Enhance Your Outdoors With System Decking

Looking for a versatile way to expand your outdoor living area? Discover the possibilities with System Decking!

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Paver stone patio with built-in TV and pergola

Outdoor Features That Boost Your Home’s Value, According to Zillow

In today’s real estate market, buyers are increasingly drawn to functional, stylish outdoor spaces that elevate their lifestyles. Recent research from Zillow reveals that the right outdoor features can significantly boost a home’s value, especially when it comes time to sell.

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putting green

Creating A Golfer's Paradise Just Outside Your Door

Sometimes the best part of a golf game isn't the score but more often the "after party." Mingling with your crew in a relaxing setting, sharing cold drinks, and chatting about the day’s personal bests is what we remember most.

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outdoor kitchen

How To Choose The Right Size BBQ Island

Creating a kitchen for use outdoors can easily be achieved with the right BBQ island design, but there are several types on the market, and choosing one might seem overwhelming.

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Portland walkway with landscaping

5 Affordable Outdoor Renovations to Add Lasting Value

The thought of an outdoor remodel can sound daunting, but it doesn't have to be major to make a big impact on your home’s value and the way you enjoy your space. We put together a quick list of ways to dramatically improve outdoor spaces that won’t break the bank.

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beautiful backyard

Key Benefits of Installing Outdoor Lighting

No matter the time of year or when the sun is scheduled to set, there’s plenty to be enjoyed outdoors after dark. It’s all about having the right set up and accompanying outdoor enhancements, such as energy efficient lighting.

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