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Joe Davis's backyard patio

A Backyard That Just Keeps Getting Better: Joe Davis’s Remodel One Year Later

Published Date: Dec 15, 2022

As a professional Big Leagues sportscaster, it’s not tough to get Joe Davis talking. However, it’s when he’s discussing two of his favorite pastimes – hanging out with his loved ones and grilling – that he really lights up.

We sat down with Joe and his wife Libby one year after completing their backyard remodel to get a play-by-play on how they’re liking their space. Naturally, the conversation turned to BBQ, playtime, and their preferred new spot for hosting parties – their very own backyard! 

Making the Most of Every Square Inch 

Referring to himself as an amateur grilling enthusiast, Joe explains that he’s always enjoyed getting together with friends and firing up his BBQ. However, it was reworking the layout of their backyard that kicked up its entertainment possibilities for he and Libby. 

Originally, Joe had contacted System Pavers to build a simple paver patio for his EGG grill and smoker. As Libby and Joe began discussing their vision for their yard, they realized they wanted more. “We had a nice setup out here, but it felt caged in,” says Joe. 

They both knew their space had a lot more potential than what they currently enjoyed. 

So, with a little planning and inspiration from their System Pavers’ design consultant, they opted to open up their backyard space by adding an expansive pergola-covered patio and dining area. They also decided to re-do their BBQ island to make it more accessible. 

Bringing the Party Together 

Before the remodel, Joe’s grill was located far from the action, which made him sometimes feel cut off from his family or friends while cooking. “I’ve got my two grills together now, and it’s an area with seating by it, too. So, it’s kind of become the central location for get-togethers,” he explains. “Now it’s right in the middle of the party!” 

And, these days, outdoor parties have become quite a regular occurrence.  “We have at least a family over a week, and we’re always happy to host and cook”, explains Libby.” Because we really feel confident about the space, and we really like it.” 

Day-to-Day Play Done Right 

Another unexpected benefit of their redesigned yard is that it’s made it easier for them to keep an eye on their kids while they play. 

“I think that part of it is what exceeded expectations so far more than anything. When we planned, we didn’t necessarily plan that we needed to be able to see all the way to the back of the yard,” says Joe. “We didn’t decide to have hardscape at the bottom for the kids to ride their scooters. That all just kind of happened.” 

The Davis family now considers their outdoor living area simply an extension of their indoor space. “It’s almost like when we did the project, it added square footage to the house,” explains Joe. “We’ve been in this for almost a year now, and we’re so glad that we did exactly what we did.” 

Get the scoop on Joe Davis’s full remodel here, and learn more about how this Michigan-born baseball fan has made sunny Southern California home.

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