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Add A Spark Of Fun! Fireside Activities For Everyone!

Published Date: Oct 31, 2016

There's nothing quite as cozy as gathering around the outdoor fireplace for quality family time. Of course, gazing at the flames is hardly the only activity for fireside fun. Here are a few outdoor fireplace ideas to try in your outdoor space: Read a spooky story While this isn't necessarily a kid-friendly activity, it provides a great opportunity for couples to snuggle up around outdoor fireplaces. Many folks love the thrill of a terrifying tale, but not everyone wants to bear the fear on their own. Reading with someone else gives just enough comfort to make the experience enjoyable.

Stephen King's "The Shining," "Ghost Stories" by Peter Straub and "The Haunting of Hill House" by Shirley Jackson all made Publishers Weekly's list of top 10 scary stories. Better yet, make up your own horrifying tale.

Snack on some s'mores This classic campfire treat is best for wood-burning fireplaces, and it's a great way to serve the kids dessert. Don't just settle for the typical graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate trio. Spice up your s'mores with these two creative ideas:

  • Walking s'mores:


    Drop pieces of chocolate and a toasted marshmallow into a single-serving size bag of Teddy Grahams. Dig into this less-messy alternative with a fork!

  • Campfire cones:


    Fill a sugar ice cream cone with mini marshmallows and bits of chocolate and cover it in tin foil. After letting the pack heat up in the flames for a few minutes, remove it from the fire with tongs, unwrap the gooey treat and enjoy.


S'mores make the perfect nighttime snack.

Play the winking assassin There are a few variations on this game, but here's the easiest method: Have everyone sit in a circle, and dub one person as the moderator who doesn't play for the round. Everyone closes their eyes, and this person selects the "assassin" by tapping him or her on the shoulder. The moderator must announce when this step is completed, and everyone opens their eyes. A "hero" goes in the middle of the circle and tries to figure out who the killer is. Meanwhile, the assassin winks at other players, who then have to slump over "dead." The hero must figure out who the assassin is before everyone meets their doom.

Break out the board games You probably have tons of activities stuffed away in a closet somewhere and forgot how fun it can be to gather around a game board. Classics like Monopoly, Sorry!, Risk and Clue offer perfect ways to spend time with the family by the fireside. Just don't get too caught up in the competition!

You've put a lot of effort and creativity into designing the perfect outdoor living space, and now it's time to enjoy it. Try out these activities around the outdoor fireplace with your family.

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