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Keep Your Lawn Green And Pristine With Artificial Turf

Published Date: Jul 9, 2014

Whether it's a summer-time drought or the bleakness of winter, it can seem impossible to have a lush, well-manicured lawn all year long. Continuous grooming, endless watering, ongoing maintenance and uncooperative weather can make the perfect lawn seem as likely as rain is in a desert. However, a pristine lawn throughout every season is possible thanks to artificial grass.

But did you know turf offers much more than just an ever-green yard? Artificial turf has come a long way in terms of style and a natural, realistic appearance. No longer reserved for football fields and golf greens, modern synthetic grass can turn your labor-intensive natural grass lawn into a work of art that's nearly effortless to maintain. With artificial grass you can easily transform your yard into an inviting outdoor space you and your family enjoy using year round. To the naked eye, each blade of artificial grass looks and feels like real grass. But within the fibers are attributes that prohibit bacteria and mildew growth. The antimicrobial property of synthetic grass makes it perfect for a play ground, outdoor party space or a pet-friendly play area. In fact, clean up couldn’t be easier – simply spray it with water and let it drain. Additionally, parents will appreciate that backyard playtime no longer means grass stain removal from clothing!

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Protecting the planet is another major benefit to artificial turf. Now having green yard doesn’t mean sacrificing Mother Earth's precious resources. Artificial turf reduces your carbon footprint because there’s no grass to mow and no need for machines or gasoline that lead to pollution. Another benefit is the reduction of environmental toxins as there is no need for harsh chemicals such as fertilizers or weed killers to keep the yard green. Plus, synthetic grass is 100% drought proof. Beyond that, turf also reduces landfill waste by reusing worn out materials. Since most turf is created from recycled tires, this means that old tires gain new life as green, earth-friendly spaces. This is yet another reason turf is an attractive option to seeded or sod lawns.

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While the initial cost of artificial turf installation is initially greater than natural grass, the low-maintenance nature of synthetic grass has been shown to reduce the long term costs associated with lawn upkeep. There’s no longer a need for constant watering (or a high water bill), fertilizing, weed elimination or general upkeep. Instead, artificial grass offers a pristine lawn, without all the labor and costs associated with natural grass.

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