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house with paver patio

Project Highlight: Scot Takes His Parents’ Dream Home To The Next Level

Published Date: May 19, 2022

At the young age of five, Scot and his family moved into the brand-new house his parents had built amongst the rolling hills of Santa Rosa, California. A welcoming place with a quintessentially gorgeous Sonoma County view, Scot recalls the home as a warm, inviting place to grow up. One that was always filled with fun and laughter.

His father, says Scot, loved a good party and his mother was known for her green thumb. While his mom filled the backyard with rose bushes and lush vegetable gardens, his dad hosted get-togethers that made ample use of one of the home’s most unique features – the large indoor pool!

Decades later, Scot moved back into the house he had grown up in…this time with a family of his own.

However, time had taken a bit of a toll on the property. The yard had become overgrown, and the interior of the house was dated. After remodeling their indoor space, Scot and his family turned their attention outdoors.

Making the Most of a Picture-Perfect View

“The view we see sitting in this beautiful backyard was the same view I saw as a little boy. And it’s the best view in the world,” says Scot. “I thought, there needs to be 50 people sitting enjoying this space. We need to completely take advantage of this view.”

Scot knew just who to contact as he had worked with System Pavers in the past. “They did such a good job on our first house that I was comfortable using them again on a really big job,” he explains.

Between the stunning natural beauty right outside their windows to the indoor pool that was always a crowd pleaser, Scot was ready to make the most of his family’s home. Both inside and out.

before and after pavers
patio before and after

Go with the Flow

When System Pavers design consultant Alec, came over, the duo came up with a plan to create a multi-level paver patio space that elegantly flowed between entrances and maximized the picturesque scenery.

His vision? “We wanted to completely change the unusable space. There were three decks on the home previously, but you couldn’t get from one to the other. We needed to unify the entire area,” says Scot. “I wanted to be able to walk from one end to the other.”

Once they had plans nailed down, it didn’t take long to turn Scot’s dreams into reality. A crew got to work clearing out the tangled undergrowth and overgrown plants.

Then, they used fill to raise the main deck area to connect the entire space and created a thoughtfully designed series of steps, walls and paver courtyard that seamlessly and dramatically expanded the yard’s entertainment potential.

paver patio with steps

Ready for Sharing

Once it was complete, Scot wasted no time taking advantage of his new space. “It turned out so much better than I could’ve even hoped,” says Scot.

Just as his dad had originally envisioned, the entire yard is now custom built for bringing people together. Family and friends can easily go from the indoor pool to the deck and there’s plenty of space for larger outdoor gatherings on their new, expansive patio.

“It’s been a complete transformation of the space. It’s so fun to have all our friends over enjoying it now,” explains Scot. “We’ll have parties outside and people are floored by how beautiful it is. It’s changed so much of our life, especially in the summertime.”

With all the renovations now complete, the Scot is happy to have put a personal touch on a home that had been in the family for years – all with a look and feel that would make both of his parents very proud.

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