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The Hot Debate - Fire pit or outdoor fireplace

Published Date: Oct 8, 2014

You have taken the time to create an enticing outdoor living space with a patio and maybe even a built in kitchen and landscaping design. But have you considered the hot debate between an outdoor fireplace and a built in fire pit? Sitting around a fire is an enjoyment that we all share. You can’t hurry or rush when there is a fire roaring, it is warm and inviting. And it isn’t hard to imagine sitting around a warm fire with friends and enjoying the dancing light of the flame. But what type of structure is best for you? Does an outdoor fireplace fit your style or does your home lend itself to more of a fire pit kind of style? Well, you don’t have to worry because both are available through System Pavers. There are many things to consider when you are looking to add one of these features to your outdoor living space. We have a list below that looks at both features - Fireplace

• A fireplace creates a romantic cozy space and encourages intimate conversations. • It can seat four to six people at one time with everyone facing the hearth. • A fireplace will requires outdoor couches, tables and chairs to make the area warm and inviting. • A fireplace will block the wind when sitting outside. • The structure also adds more privacy from the neighbors. • There is a cost to consider when it comes to required permits and inspections. • An outdoor fireplace will add value to your outdoor living space.

pavers with fire pit

Fire Pit

• A fire pit is ideal for entertaining a group and can create a more campfire like environment. • It encourages storytelling, laughter and s’mores. • You can have more people sitting around the fire – usually fits 10-12 people sitting in a circle. • People are able to sit around the edge of the fire pit and may not require additional seating depending on the design. • If your property is affected by the wind you will want to consider the potential of embers being scattered and the wind might make it difficult to light. • A fire pit is a smaller structure with an open flame. • It is lower to the ground and won’t take away from an amazing view. Consider adding a fire pit in an area that allows you to still enjoy the view. • Fire pits don’t have to be round, they can be designed in other shapes. While both features extend the enjoyment of an outdoor living space by providing, relaxation, light and warmth there are important differences between a fireplace and a fire pit. Make sure to select the one that is best for you and your home. Click here to see our Fireplace designs and click here to see our Fire Pit designs.

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